The Landmark Advisory Commission

Our Mission & Vision

The Landmark Advisory Commission was started in 2009 to effect and accomplish the protection , enhancement, perpetuation and use of historic resources located within the City.

The Commission consists of 5 members, including one City Councilor, one Planning Commission member, and three citizens. Two of the citizens may live outside the City limits, but must be within the urban growth boundary.

Each member will have at least one year residency and knowledge or interest in historic preservation.

In May of 2023 the LAC got together to set goals for the commision to focus on. The goals were approved at the June 20th, 2023 meeting. If you would like to see what their goals are for the future please click below.

LAC Goals


The Jefferson Historic Preservation Award program is established to increase public awareness of Jefferson’s historical heritage by recognizing structures and sites of historical significance. Recognition will be given to owners who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to excellence in their historic preservation efforts. See the procedure and criteria for this award in the following link. Procedure & criteria

Click here for frequently asked questions about the Historic Preservation Award. If you are interested in nominating a historical home for the award, there are links below for the application and the photo release. Please fill both out and return to City Hall in person, by mail, or emailing to Below are links to information about historic homes that have been awarded so far. For more information, check out the Jefferson Historical Society & Museum website under Community Links.

Historic Preservation Award FAQ

Historic Preservation Award Application

Photo Release

LAC Historic Preservation Awards