Transportation System Plan

Jefferson TSP

A Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a long-range plan that sets the vision for a community’s transportation system for the next 20 years and beyond within its Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The Jefferson TSP was developed through community and stakeholder input and is based on the transportation system’s needs, opportunities, and anticipated available funding. The Jefferson TSP is a guide for documenting the community’s transportation goals, values, and visions, identifying current infrastructure, and determining what is needed in the future. The TSP is a key resource for implementing transportation system improvements that address current deficiencies and will also serve expected local and regional growth. The TSP also includes planning level cost estimates for each of the identified projects, a recommended funding and prioritization plan, and ordinances for implementation. Having an adopted TSP is essential for the City to compete for federal, state, and regional funding for transportation projects.

Jefferson Adopted Final TSP